Traditions don't fade easily, we carry them on
Welcome to our website!
Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the Oak Bay Firefighters Honour Guard Webpage. The Fire Department Honour Guard was formed in 2012 with 4 members and quickly became 6. Captain Inspector Ken Gill was the founding member, Capt. Gill was the fire prevention officer at that time, he had a clear vision of the need and use of a guard, working with the Fire Chief in 2013, Dave Cockle, the joint guard was formed and he assumed the role of the Guard Commander. Union members were approached, activation into the guard was voluntary for all the original 4, then 6 members.

Our union splits the costs of the guard, and 100% funds members to attend National Fallen Firefighter, International Fallen Firefighters, Line of Duty Deaths and other events in North America. The Fire Department assists in operation of the guard, supporting our interests and allowing us to wear the department uniforms. Ken Gill retired from the ranks becoming our chaplain after retirement. He approached Lt. Joynson and asked that he take over the Honour Guard commander role. This fit Lt. Joynson well with his CAF, infantry background before joining the fire department.

Lt. Joynson was instrumental in advancing the guard, creating mission statements and organizing events for the guard to attend. He also made the proposal to the Department for our new uniforms, designing the current surge tunic’s we have. In 2015, working together with the Union and Fire Department, an agreement to jointly fund the new uniform purchase was made, giving the guard a professional and distinct look. The union solely funded other custom regalia to enhance this uniform.

Lt Joynson also designed the current Honour Guard patch you see below, first seeking and obtaining permission from our fire chief at that time, FC Hughes, Lt. Joynson had this crest made and sewn onto our uniforms on one shoulder, the Fire Department patch is on the other, symbolizing the two distinct organizations we form, IAFF Local 1856 and the Oak Bay Fire Department. Today our guard members attend many events in the capital region, including the BCPFFA fallen firefighters memorial at the legislature, the terry fox run kickoff, local first nations games, medal presentations and at the passing of our retired members. We also attend the annual retirement dinners and have used the amazing Victoria Fire Department drummer and piper (aka the LeBlancs) to lead us into these events.

TraditionĀ is the process by which each mature generation hands over what it has learned to those in the rising generation, our Honour Guard ensures that new recruits understand our culture and our founding traditions.

Lt Joynson

We hope you enjoy looking around, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your comments.

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